Snap Action Switch For Automotive Control

Snap Action Switch For Automotive Control

A snap action switch is applied inside the control system in automotive control. It is easily found inside various intelligent control systems of the automobile. Automobile or Car nowadays is an indispensable transport tool for human beings, how can you imagine if our life is without vehicle and car. 

Seen from the automotive specific application, we can find the whole control systems, such as gear control, ragtop, door latch & door lock, sunroof control, etc., are connected or controlled by a snap action switch. 

All these control systems should not be without a snap-action switch. It controls the applications if it can be automatic operation “start or off.” Snap action switch is also named micro switch and is widely applied in home appliance and automobile industry. But the automotive control is the classical application of snap action switch. Unlike a standard switch, a snap action switch is tiny and slim, working effectively and efficiently. Its significance has to pay great attention.  

Unionwell is a professional micro switch factory and manufacturer dedicated to supplying various snap action switches and micro switches for worldwide clients, especially in North America and European countries. We would like to offer customers the best service and quality electrical switches. 

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