Snap Action Push Button Switch Release

Snap Action Push Button Switch Release

Snap Action Push Button Switch Release

Global micro switch market competition is fierce. There are well-known traditional brands from the EU and America, such as Cherry, Honeywell, CROUZET, etc., and the brands from Japan, for instance: Omron, Panasonic, etc. Besides this, many small micro switch workshops are coming up in China, India, and Southeast Asia, further worsening market competition.  

Under this circumstance, a micro switch manufacturer wants to survive and be strong; it has to attach great importance to innovation competence and develop new series products according to the market change and demands.  


Unionwell: A Professional Micro Switch China Manufacturer

Unionwell has run independently since 2014; until now, it has been just a couple of years of operation. Many investments, including engineers with the whole experience and advanced facilities, are in the R&D department. To take the core technology of micro switch, take the leading role in microswitch innovation, and make the best quality of micro switch are what Unionwell is pursuing.  

Below is the newly developed micro switch, which will be used for intelligent auto control. This new micro switch is equipped with two terminals and a unique design. It will be widely applied in intelligent vehicle control, household appliance, electronic tools, facilities, etc. 

If you show interest in this new microswitch, Unionwell would like to answer any questions about the microswitch and welcome to login into our website for more details:

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