Slide Micro Switch With Two Poles Release

Slide Micro Switch With Two Poles Release

Unionwell permanently attached great importance to new product research and development, especially the efforts in the automobile industry. Micro switch plays a significant role in automotive intelligent control systems as an electronic component. 

For the slide switch’s importance to the automobile industry, Unionwell has developed a new kind of waterproof two-pole slide switch to better apply in automobile door lock control systems. Unlike other switches, this slide switch is equipped with two poles. And it is also sealed to make sure it can be waterproof. 

This slide switch is mainly used in various intelligent lock control systems for the automobile. It is a high-quality switch that is developed R&D department. 

Application: Car, Air conditioner, Communication, Toys, Electric Toothbrush, Motor Control, etc.  


-Designed For Water and Dust Tight (IP67) 

– Small Compact Size 

-Long Life and High Reliability 

– Variety of levers 

– Wide Range of writing Terminals 

– Global Safety Approvals 

– Widely used in Automotive Electronics, Appliance and Industrial Control, etc. 

– Customized Designs   

Unionwell is a very professional micro switch factory, taking micro switch as the primary business and focusing on high-quality micro switch manufacturing. The slide switch is one of 

Unionwell’s most competitive products as we have more than 10 years of OEM automotive switch experience. Compared with other suppliers or manufacturers, our products will be more reliable and stable in performance and functions. 

Unionwell is taking the leading role as a slide switch manufacturer in China. All our products can be customized based on customers’ requirements. 

Unionwell is a professional slide switch manufacturer in China, leading research, manufacturing, etc. We supply all kinds of electronic switches for auto parts manufacturers and suppliers worldwide. 

Welcome to our website and get more details about our company and product. 

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