Slide Micro Switch For Automotive Application

Slide Micro Switch For Automotive Application

Some people know that snap action switches are widely applied in the automobile industry. While not so many people know that slide switch is also widely used in automobile control systems. 

The slide switch is now considered the necessary part of an automobile or car, especially for automobile signal control. The automobile is a basic application of a slide switch and a kind of auto switch.   

Regarding the slide switch, there are some factors you need to think about when it is applied in an automobile seriously:

  1. The slide switch has to pass international standard safety certificates such as UL, CUL, etc., so the quality can be secured.
  2. The mechanical life should last long and meet the standard of automobile life cycles.
  3. The slide switch must reach IP rated and be waterproof so it can still work well in case of a weather change.

All these functions are relevant to automobiles if they can be used adequately in the automobile control system. 

Unionwell is a professional slide micro switch factory, supplier, and manufacturer. We have developed several new models of slide switches for automotive applications. These new slide switches have passed strict tests and are widely applied in well-known brand cars. 

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