Six Types Of Basic Micro Switches

Six Types Of Basic Micro Switches

Six Types Of Basic Micro Switches


Many kinds of switches on the market are widely used in various industries and products. The following are the more common switches on the market collected by Unionwell. 


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There are six kinds of switches for everyone to understand. 

1. Single-control switch. The single-control switch is a type of switch that controls the circuit system. For example, the switch that controls the lights in our home is called a single-control switch. The advantage of a single-control switch is that it is very stable and suitable for most common appliances. The dual-control switch, the dual-control switch, and the single-control switch are similar in principle, but the dual-control switch is that two switches control the same circuit system simultaneously.

 2. Microswitch, this switch is often used in electrical appliances. It is not easy to see when used in large quantities. When the microswitch spring is stressed, it is quickly turned on or off. Sensitive switch. 

3. Timing switch, this is also a more practical switch. For example, the air conditioner we use has a timing switch. When the air conditioner is turned on at night, it will feel wasteful to turn the power overnight.

4. Voice-activated switches, rarely used in homes, are generally used in public places. The main principle is to use sound to trigger the starting device. This switch is easy to use and install. 

5. Remote control switch, only one remote control is needed to control many appliances in the home. This switch is mainly installed on household appliances, which is convenient and time-saving. 

6. Touch switch is mainly used in TV, audio, and other equipment. This switch operation is simple, as long as a light press can be turned on and off. 


Unionwell has a complete product testing system, which can finish all kinds of our switch testing items and help customers implement special testing projects. After years of development, the company has formed a one-stop R&D and production system for product research and development, precision molds, precision injection molding, precision stamping, automation equipment research and development, automated assembly of finished products, and testing. 

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