Saniflo Micro Switch Replacement 

saniflo micro switch replacement

Saniflo Micro Switch Replacement 

Saniflo Micro Switch Replacement 


Saniflo pump, located in saniflo toilet, is a standard device daily. But when you find the pump is hard to work or is no action? Because the micro switch in the saniflo pump doesn’t work! Next, we need a replacement for a Unionwell microswitch.


Where Is The Saniflo Micro Switch?

The saniflo microswitch is set at the pressure system chamber inside the macerator unit. The micro switch will be released by detecting the water pressure, only the pressure archives to the setpoint, the microswitch can start to work, and the macerator will typically run.


How Can We Repair The Saniflo Micro Switch To A Normal State?

Now, let us find suitable ways to solve it!

The pressure microswitch controls the saniflo pump’s circuit to start and close. And the microswitch is located in the pressure sensing system of the saniflo toilet. When the toilet is flushed, water drains into the pump inside the pressure sensing system; once the water reaches the membrane, the pumps turn on, causing the blades driven by the motor to grind all the waste into tiny particles. 

When some problems come here, you maybe have a bad experience. For example, you are hard to operate a saniflo pump to clean or not click anymore. At this time, you need a new micro switch for a replacement! It’s so vital for your saniflo toilet. Because people usually use the saniflo toilet for at least ten years! The correct microswitch can help us relaxedly enjoy our saniflo toilet.


Replace A New Micro Switch At Once!

Saniflo pump needs a snap action micro switch, like our unionwell G5 primary micro switch..the microswitch has high reliability and long life during use. The switch in the pressure chamber starts the pump motor and closes the pump circuit precision. Our G5 micro switch does it perfectly! You can purchase the G5 series primary micro switch as the following:


Unionwell G5 Series Basic Micro Switch Products List >>


Why Choose Unionwell Micro Switch China Manufacturer?

Unionwell’s micro switch product series has basic microswitch, waterproof switches, rotary switches, rocker switches, etc.

The micro switches have UL, ENEC, CQC, and other certifications. The factory has passed ISO9001, IATF16949, and ISO14001 quality system guarantees.

Our microswitches are widely used in home appliances, electronic equipment, automatic machines, communication equipment, car electron, apparatus and instrument, electric motion tool, etc.


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