Push Button Switches On Medical Equipment

Push Button Switches On Medical Equipment

Push Button Switches On Medical Equipment


The switches on medical equipment are the bridge between medical professionals and medical equipment. When it comes to operating conditions in the operating room, the consistency, long life, and high quality of the switches used in medical equipment are important factors that support a high degree of confidence in the operating room. 

Unionwell has a wide range of switch product portfolios-from tact switches and rocker switches to detection switches and pushes switches; medical equipment design engineers rely on it to create devices with improved performance levels, thereby increasing doctors’ confidence. Tact switches, rocker switches, or push switches can generate good responses on medical equipment to provide doctors and nurses with consistent touch or status. This is important because doctors and nurses usually need to perform surgery while observing a magnified image of the patient’s anatomy. Therefore, engineers must design the haptics so the doctor can “feel” that the medical equipment is performing as expected. 

Medical equipment must also have a long life cycle to withstand intense collisions, like a doctor overpressing a button, even in more straightforward situations. To withstand these harsh conditions, the switches and components that make up these medical devices must have a significantly longer life cycle than the devices themselves. We can customize any switch to meet the most demanding customer requirements in the medical switch product line. Design engineers can ensure they choose the best switch for their medical applications.   


The Use Of Micro Switch

1.Ensure the environment where the microswitch is placed 

If we place the power switch in a room containing corrosive gas, some electronic components in these electronic products are easily corrupted, which will seriously affect the life of the entire electronic product. If the environment is too humid, it is easy to cause some electronic components to rust. The entire circuit board will be serially charged, and the entire electronic equipment will be damaged by leakage. 

2. Prevent the entry of unknown objects.

 For example, suppose some common indoor animals such as cockroaches, geckos, and spiders enter these power switch components. In that case, these animals themselves, like the human body, are readily conductive objects, which can easily disrupt the entire circuit board and cause the entire electrical appliance to malfunction. 

3. Do not use too much violence.

The microswitches of electronic products are generally relatively small, and the internal structure is exact. If the user uses too much force, it is easy to damage the precise structure. In addition, you cannot keep pressing the switch, which will quickly cause them to malfunction. 

The switch response is not sensitive enough during use. Since the microswitch appeared on the market, it has been quickly applied to many electronic product fields, such as digital products, home appliances, medical equipment, toy products, etc. It has become a ubiquitous electronic component in our daily electronic products. , Then, when we use this kind of electronic component, we should pay attention to these three points to improve the switch life. 


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