Push Button Micro Switches The Common Classification

Push Button Micro Switches The Common Classification

Push Button Micro Switches The Common Classification


There are many different kinds of switches in our daily lives. We often see them, but we don’t necessarily understand them. Next, let me introduce to you the classifications of standard switches. 


Slide Switch 

The sliding switch is a micro-current with no safety restrictions (main focus: 1. size 2. current 3. several loops 3pin=1p). Mechanical type: General sliding switch, distinguished by the number of segments and circuits. Application products: remote control toys, 3C products (mobile phones, MP3, GPS). Program-controlled: It is controlled by program editing, compound type, or program type. There are several conversion methods to distinguish the number of switches. 


The system setting mode (mode) can switch channels. Circuit design or IC application. Remote control, satellite receiver. DIP switches are widely used in overclocking computer motherboards, frequency modulation code matching of wireless communication, radio and television and other equipment, and computer software programming of automation equipment—application product: set-top box. 


Rotary Switch  

Mechanical type: Rotating positioning type is controlled step by step. 

Application Products

The switch of an electric fan is this type of switch. Program-controlled: Controlled by program editing; like switches, the scale from 0 to F can be divided into four segments, ten segments, and 16 segments. This type of product mainly uses IC to select commands. 


The ROTARY switch also belongs to the editor. Electronic instrument and Monitor setting switch. It has digital circuit board program selection and multiple gear setting applications. Replace the old-style band switch.

Application ranges: Oscilloscope (providing electronic engineers to measure digital signals). 


Detection Switch

Like the switch of a flip phone and the opening command can be detected. The screen will jump out directly—application products: commonly used in the power-saving mode of NB, stylus, electronic translation machine. 


Multi-function Switch 

Like the five-way key, it is commonly used in the middle of a mobile phone and is a command-type button for up, down, left, and right—application products: mobile phones, MP3. 

The touch switch is characterized by a small spring leaf design, is small, and is not easy to touch by mistake. Application: TACT switches are widely used in daily life. 

Application ranges are home appliances (washing machine, remote control) and 3C products (mobile phone keys, keyboard). 


Micro Switch 

Also known as contact switch, it has the advantages of small contact distance, fast action stroke, small pressing force, and rapid on-off. The high price of the microswitch lies in whether there is a welcome point, that is, the fixed contact of the main body—application products: advanced mouse, door switch, washing machine, water heater, etc. 


Potential Switch 

An electronic switch is called a shuttle when it can be turned all the time and not at the end. Application products: 3C products (digital cameras, smartphones, tablet computers), car audio. The essential combination of micro switch structure is roughly divided into five categories: 


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