Push Button Micro Switch For LED Lighting Care

Push Button Micro Switch For LED Lighting Care

Push Button Micro Switch For LED Lighting Care


Compatible with LED lighting systems, this tiny switch allows you to turn on the light only when you need it, without having to reach for it. It can be installed inconspicuously inside the cabinet door and set to trigger the LED only when the door is open. 

The switch can operate only when pressed and turn off immediately when released in other applications. It is only 3/8″×1/4″×3/4″ long, has two screw holes (not including #2 mounting screws), and comes with two crimp connectors for solderless installation. 

Content: 1 micro switch and two quick connect wire connectors. 

Figure 1: Microswitch. 

Three male connection terminals are marked from left to right: COM, NO, and NC. A pair of quick-connect wire connectors. The rectangular end is connected to the terminal of the microswitch by simple crimping. The circuit wire is inserted into the round end to connect the switch to the circuit. After inserting the wire into the connector, use needle-nose pliers or crimping pliers to crimp the wire inside the connector. 

This switch’s most common main application is to turn on the cabinet lighting when the door is open and turn off the cabinet lighting when the door is closed, similar to controlling the lighting inside the refrigerator.

In this application, the switch will be installed so that closing of the door pushes the switch lever down, and the opening of the door releases it. 


 To Use The Switch In This Way, Do The Following: 

  1. Connect the quick-connect wire connectors to the microswitch’s leftmost (C) and rightmost (NC) terminals.
  2. There are two wires leading from the DC side of the power supply. They are usually red (representing a positive DC line) and black (representing a standard line, usually marked with a minus sign “-“). Connect the microswitch so that the positive DC output of the power supply enters the switch through terminal C. Then, connect the NC terminal of the switch from your LED light to the positive pole. Note that the center terminal of the switch is not used.


Alternative Application 

If you want to turn on the lighting when the switch lever is pressed and turn off the lighting when the lever is released (i.e., the opposite behavior to the above), use the NO terminal of the switch instead of the NC terminal. 

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