Waterproof Micro Switch For G5W11 Series

Waterproof Micro Switch For G5W11 Series

Waterproof Micro Switch For G5W11 Series

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  1. Brand name: Unionwell
  2. Designed for water and dust tight(IP67)
  3. Tight structure, small contact gap snap action, high sensitivity
  4. Global safety approvals
  5. Long life and high precision and reliability
  6. Variety of lever


The Parameter Of  Waterproof Micro Switch For G5W11 Series


Operating Frequency Electrical 10~30  times/min
Mechanical 60 times/min
Contact Resistance(initial value) with terminal 50mΩMax
with wire 100mΩ Max(Depends on the length of the wire)
Insulation resistance at 500VDC,100MΩ Min.
Dielectric Strength Between terminals AC 1000V 50-60Hz 1min
Between terminals and housing AC 1500V 50-60Hz 1min
Storage Temperature -40°C~+85°C
Storage Humidity 85%RH Max
Protection grade With terminal IEC IP67(Terminal not included)
With wire IEC IP67
Electric-shock safeguard grade Class II
Life E-life 2E4~10E4 cycles(depends on P/NS)
M-life over 500,000 cycles, 1,000,000cycles(60cycles/min)
Weight Approx.7g(with terminal and without lever)



automatic equipment


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