Subminiature Micro Switch Lead Wires 150gf

Subminiature Micro Switch Lead Wires 150gf

Subminiature Micro Switch Lead Wires 150gf

Subminiature Micro Switch Lead Wires 150gf

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-Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)

-Brand Name: Unionwell

-Model Number:  G304-150M00E40U

-Terminal Type:  Lead Wires 

-Circuit code: slide tpye 

-Lever Type: no lever pin plunger

-Certificates:Products are safety approved by global main market .

-Company quality assurance system:ISO9001&IATF16  949&ISO14001

-Application:Car, Air conditioner, Auto Electronics ,Communication,Electric Tooth brush,Home Appliance , Motor Control etc.  


Subminiature Micro Switch  Lead Wires 150gf  

Subminiature Micro Switch Features

 -Small Compact Size

-Global Safety Approvals

-Long life and High Reliability

-Variety of Lever

-Wide Range of Wiring Terminals

-Widely applicated in Automotive Electronics, Appliance control , Industrial Control etc.  

Subminiature Micro Switch Parameters


Operating speed 1~500mm/s
operating frequency  120/min
Insulation Resisitance  ≥100mΩ Max
Contact Resistance(initial value) with terminal ≤100mΩ Max 
with wire type  ≤500mΩ (300mm long )
Voltage resistance  between terminals  AC500V,50/60HZ,1MIN
between terminals and uncharged metal parts AC1000V,50/60HZ ,1MIN
Vibration resistance  no transformation action 10-55hz
Protection level  IEC IP67
Storage Temperature -40°C~+85°C
Storage Humidity   95%RH Max
Life E-life Min. 300,000/cycles(Depend on part NO.)
M-life Min.300,000/cycles

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