Micro Dpdt Switch DPDT Roller Lever

Micro Dpdt Switch DPDT Roller Lever

Micro Dpdt Switch DPDT Roller Lever

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Place Of Origin Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name Unionwell
Model Number G1105-35003D01E1U
Electrical Rating 0.5A 250VDC
0.5A/5A 250VAC 5E4 μ 25T85
Operating Force 350gf Max
Lever Type Roller Lever
Circuit Code DPDT
Mounting Hole Dimension 5.7mm*Φ3.1mm*19mm
Wire Type Wires Lead To The Bottom(Wire Length 780mm)


The Parameters Of Micro Dpdt Switch DPDT Roller Lever


Rating 05 0.5A 250VDC
0.5A/5A 250VAC
Operating Frequency Electrical 10~30  Cycles/Minute
Mechanical 120 Cycles/Minute
Contact Resistance(initiative) 30~100mΩ Max (Depends On P/Ns, Wire Resistance Exclude)
Insulation Resistance at 500VDC,100MΩ Min.
Dielectric Strength AC 750VAC RMS (50-60HZ)
Storage Temperature  -25°C~+85°C
Storage Humidity 85%RH Max
Service Life Electrical 50,000 Cycles(Depends on P/Ns)
Mechanical 2,000,000 cycles
Unit Net Weight About 110g(8  Wires)


The Features Of Micro Dpdt Switch DPDT Roller Lever

  1. Compact size and tight configuration
  2. Long life and high reliability
  3. Dust and water proof design (IP67)
  4. DPDT double-break type
  5. Variety of mounting method and operation type
  6. Widely applicated in Industrial control etc.


The Pictures Of Micro Dpdt Switch DPDT Roller Lever






Q1. Could you accept OEM or ODM?
A: Yes, we have a strong R&D team. We have rich experience in OEM&ODM.

Q2. Do you have micro switch patents?
A: Yes, we have more than 200 microswitch patents.

Q3. How many employees are in your factory?
A: There are over 500 employees at present in our factory.

Q4. How many engineers are in your R&D department?
A: Around 60 engineers in the R&D department, half of them own more than 20 years of micro switch experience.

Q5. What’s the capacity per month?
A: Over 8 million pieces per month for the micro switch series.
Over 20 million pieces per month for the keyboard switch series.


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