New Snap Action Switch Release

New Snap Action Switch Release

New Snap Action Switch Release

Snap action switch, also called micro switch, is the product we produce. The global miniature-snap action switch market has great opportunities, and many electronic component manufacturers have started to engage in this business field. 

The snap action switch can be used for commonly electronic equipment, such as pumps, gas detectors, pencil sharpeners, money sorters, food processor, electric knives, toy car, juice extractors, lighting equipment, and electric frying pan, etc. In other words, the snap action switch is directly related to electronic product manufacturing; the finished electronic product manufacturers must purchase the snap action switch for their manufacturing. Therefore, many manufacturers’ efforts are to develop new patents or model micro switches to follow the market change. 


Unionwell: A Professional Micro Switch Manufacturer

As a professional snap action switch supplier, Huizhou Unionwell Sensing & Control Electronics Co Ltd constantly pursue new design products for new application in electronic products. As we understand, we can make the future only by making the change. 

The below picture is Uniowell Electronic’s newly-developed miniature snap-action switch. The features are as follows, small compact size with global safety approvals, long life, high reliability, variety of actuators and terminals, high rating to 10 (2)A, 1/4HP, customized designs, widely used in auto control & appliance control, industrial control, etc.  

We want to answer all questions about the miniature snap action switch and welcome you to login into our unionwell website.

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