New Large Basic Limit Switch Release

New Large Basic Limit Switch Release

As a professional switch manufacturer, Unionwell focuses on producing various micro switches, waterproof micro switches, air pressure switches, and limit switches.

Our products are widely applicated in electronic devices, automatic equipment, auto electronics, etc. The limit switch, also known as the travel switch, can be mounted on a relatively stationary object (such as a fixed frame, a door frame, etc., referred to as still life) or a moving object (such as a car, a door, etc., referred to as an animal).

When the animal approaches the still life, the contact of the switch’s linkage drive switch causes the closed contact to break or the open contact to close. The circuit and the motor are controlled by changing the switch contact opening and closing state. The large micro switch developed by Unionwell can be applicated in Machine tools, Elevators, Auto production Lina, Civilian, industrial machinery fields, and Any automation applications in the automotive field. 


The key features are as below: 

Key Features  

-Housing is made of high-temperature bakelite  

-Precise operation repeatability   

-Long mechanical life


Unionwell switch has passed IS09001 and IATF16949 and provides micro switches, basic switches, and customized products according to customers’ requirements. Click here for more information:   

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