New Kind Of Slide Micro Switch

New Kind Of Slide Micro Switch

New Kind Of Slide Micro Switch 

Unionwell micro switch supplier focuses on automotive switch research and development to further engage in the automotive industry. In recent years, Unionwell developed a kind of slide switch G306 series for auto & vehicle signal application. This slide switch will be widely applied in the automobile industry shortly for its high quality and stable performance after testing. This new G306 slide switch is designed for waterproof and dustproof tight (IP67) levels.


The Slide Switch Introduce

With a small compact size, long mechanical and electrical life, and high reliability, the slide switch will enjoy a much broader application in the electronics industry. It is equipped with various levers with a wide range of wiring terminals. It will be widely used in the automotive industry, home appliance & industrial control, etc. The heat resistance could be 115 degrees (normal is 85 degrees). 

The slide switch is one of Unionwell’s most competitive products as we have more than ten years of OEM automotive switch experience. Compared with other suppliers or manufacturers, our products will be more reliable and stable in performance and functions. 

Huizhou Unionwell Sensing & Control Electronics Co., Ltd is China’s leading role slide switch manufacturer. All our products can be customized based on customers’ requirements. 

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