Miniature Micro Switch Used In Barcode Scanner

Miniature Micro Switch Used In Barcode Scanner

Miniature Micro Switch Used In Barcode Scanner


Miniature micro switches are used in barcode scanners and daily life and production. For example, they are widely used in home appliance control and industrial control, such as telephones, air conditioners, computers, alarms, welding guns, etc. 

Today we will mainly introduce the barcode scanner on the application. It is estimated that many people are not very familiar with barcodes, but they are widespread in life. 

Barcodes appeared in the early 1950s and later developed into a complete set of item identification systems and are widely used in various industries such as commerce, postal services, book management, and storage. 


Types of barcode scanner 

  1. Platform type barcode scanner
  2. Hand-held barcode scanner

When you are making a payment in the supermarket, you can see the cashier use the barcode scanner to scan the product’s barcode or the QR code of the mobile phone. 


The principle of barcode scanner

It uses photoelectric elements to convert the detected light into electrical signals. It then converts the electrical signal into a digital signal through an analog-digital converter and transmits it to the computer for processing. For example, when scanning an image, the light source shines, and the reflected light passes through the lens to converge on the scanning module. 

The scanning module converts the light signal into an analog-digital signal (i.e., voltage related to the received light intensity). Related), and simultaneously point out the degree of darkness of the image number. 


Classification of barcode scanner

The principle of light emission, can be divided into two categories:

  • Infrared/laser (i.e., laser)
  • Short-distance/long-distance/offline according to the reading distance
  • Fixed and hand-held and wireless scanning transmission 


Barcode scanner interface mode  

USB interface mode, keyboard interface mode, serial port mode USB interface mode: The data obtained by scanning the barcode is directly input to the computer through the keyboard interface. The advantage of this method is that no driver is required, the operating system is independent, and it can be used directly on various operating systems without an external power supply. 


The keyboard interface is the same as the USB interface.

Serial port mode: The data obtained by scanning the barcode is input through the serial port. The serial port data needs to be directly driven or read and powered by an external power supply. 


The structure of the barcode scanner

The barcode scanner mainly includes:

  • The upper shell.
  • The motherboard.
  • The Ethernet interface cable.
  • The gun body.
  • The front cover.
  • The buttons.
  • The bottom buckle.

Among them, the functions are integrated on a motherboard with high integration. In addition, the fuselage handle is marked with stripes, which increases the slip resistance, and the user better protects the barcode scanner during use. One of the essential parts of the barcode scanner is the microswitch. 

For this reason, we will share the miniature micro switch on the barcode scanner. This G605 series miniature micro switch has a standard straight handle, PCB terminals on the right side, spring structure, and silver contacts up to 5A 125VAC load. It is characterized by small size, compact structure, long life, high reliability, strong sensitivity, and UL, ENEC, and CQC certification.


A G605 miniature micro switch is used on a scanning gun. 

The micro switch is welded on the PCB board and installed in the plastic protective cover. It forms a linkage with the external button of the scanning gun. After an external force triggers the microswitch, a signal is given to start the scanning gun and scan the barcode information—feedback to the computer.  


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