Miniature Micro Switch New Product Release

Miniature Micro Switch New Product Release

Miniature Micro Switch New Product Release

Unionwell focuses on R&D and manufacturing various micro switches, auto switches, waterproof switches, pressure switches, mechanical keyboard switches, precise auto parts, mobile phone connectors, and various contact modules and terminal components. Last week, with the joint efforts of engineers and employees, our company successfully developed a new product. It’s the G6 Series. This is a kind of miniature micro switch. 

Now I would like to make a product introduction. It has many features:

  1. Small Compact Size
  2. Global Safety Approvals
  3. Long Life and High Reliability
  4. High Rating to 10(2)A, 1/4HP
  5. Customized Designs
  6. Widely used in Auto Control, Appliance Control, Industrial Control, etc.

The applications:

  1. Phone
  2.  Pump
  3. Air-Conditioner
  4.  Gas Detector
  5. Computer
  6. Pencil Sharpener
  7. Humidifier
  8. Money Sorter
  9. Alarm
  10.  Food Processor
  11. Timer
  12. Electric Knife
  13. Mixer &Meat Grinder
  14. Toy Car
  15. Welding Machine
  16. Juice Extractor
  17. Fax Machine
  18. Lighting Equipment
  19. Game Controller
  20. Electric Frying Pan


It has four ratings you can choose, which is 0.1A,5A,10A, and 12A. It is based on your application. And it also has different operating force, such as 50gf,100gf,150gf,250gf, and 350gf. The service life is more than 1,000,000 cycles. 

Unionwell has specialized in researching and developing various switches for more than 10 years. If you want more information, please visit our company website:

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