Miniature Micro Switch For The Mini Inflatable Pump

Miniature Micro Switch For The Mini Inflatable Pump

There is a micro switch inside the mini inflatable pump. The microswitch’s main function is tracheal position detection. The force of inserting the trachea is applied to the micro switch. Then the micro switch controls the start and shutdown of the control power. The switch is turned on when the trachea is stored, and the machine is turned off. The switch is closed and turned on when the trachea is pulled out. The mini inflatable pump microswitch uses a G10 series switch. Unionwell manufacturer produces the micro switch. The microswitch has two terminals (normally closed). It is often with a small simulated roller handle lever.

Unionwell G10 series micro switches are compact, lightweight, repeatable, and high reliability. The microswitch has wide applications in many fields. Such as mini inflatable pumps, mice, wireless walkie-talkies, sweepers, alarms, testers, household appliances, and other small power tools.


What Is A Mini Inflatable Pump?

It is a small portable inflatable pump that can be carried around and provide portable inflatable tools for inflatable applications to detect air pressure and pump.

Application Scenarios: car tires, balls, air cushions, and other small and medium-sized daily inflatable appliances.

The main use of inflatable treasure and: used in cars, motorcycles, bicycles, air cushions, balls, and other inflatable products, with several emergency functions, light to carry, but also a life emergency necessary products.

Functions and advantages: small and portable, one-key charging and stopping, multiple equipment application conversion, accurate detection, numerical display, SOS rescue, etc.


The Working Principle Of Mini Inflatable Pump

The trachea is located at the top of the mini inflatable pump. After pulling out the inflatable nozzle, the power is turned on. On the contrary, the inflator is inserted to turn off the power, the trachea is monitored, and the microswitch controls the motor operation. When pumping air, the valve of the communicator is flushed open by the atmospheric pressure, and the gas enters the trachea. When pumping into the tire, the valve is closed by the air pressure in the trachea, and the gas enters the tire or application product.

The mini inflatable pump is widely used, adapts to the development needs of the mobile application market, and the price is moderate, which is a good product for daily life.

Representative Brands: Xiaomi, Lingchen, Michelin, Wind King, etc.

The mini inflatable pump is more practical than car vacuum cleaners. It can help us get out of trouble in an emergency and be used frequently as a portable item with a high usage rate.

In daily life, many products need to be inflated to be able to use normally, such as a variety of ball toys, bicycles, electric vehicles, and cars, etc. how to meet the inflation needs of these products, many friends will think of the pump for the first time, traditional hand pressure or foot pump can cope with some simple inflation, but like electric vehicles and car tires, only relying on hand pressure and foot pedaling is powerless.

Today’s mini inflatable pump can meet the inflation needs of various tires and balls and be very small and portable. It is worth mentioning that the mini inflatable pump is also equipped with a digital display, tire pressure detection function, and a variety of inflation modes. By switching the inflation mode, even novice users without a clear air pressure concept can quickly complete the inflation and easily meet the diversified needs of our inflation mode.

G10 series micro switch is suitable for the mini inflatable pump. Using Unionwell G10 series products with analog small roller handles, OP actuation points can be adjusted according to actual application needs. G10 small micro switch is one of the series of products of Unionwell manufacturers.

In addition, Unionwell micro switch manufacturers supply product characteristics, including standard-size micro switches, miniature, ultra-miniature micro switches, environmentally sealed micro switches, and high-temperature resistant micro switches. At present, the fast-switching action structure can be applied to a variety of electronic actuators and operating characteristics.

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