Miniature Micro Switch Application For Juice Extractor

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Miniature Micro Switch Application For Juice Extractor

Miniature Micro Switch Application For Juice Extractor


A juice extractor can quickly extract juice from fruits and vegetables. A juice extractor is small and usually used for household use. Dr. Norman Walker invented it as early as 1930, usually a small micro switch application for juice extractors. In china’s vast market, the juice extractor industry has a rapid growth period. Though few people know it here, it is more and more familiar to consumers; what’s more, the sales increase rapidly. There are two types of consumer groups of juice extractors. One type is the families with children or the elderly. Because children are accessible to picky eaters and the elderly have bad teeth, the juice extractor can meet them to get enough nutrition; the other type is the young people who pursue fashion and lifestyle because the juice extractor can meet their advocating individual taste. Consumers’ mentality begins to change with the improvement of life quality, transitioning from the introductory life meet to a nutritious and healthy life quantity. And the juice extractor makes it possible to become more popular. However, whether it is a juice extractor or a food processor, they are both in the early market. Most consumers still think it is a luxury. So enterprises need to guide their consumption concepts. 


Function Analysis:

After we start the juice extractor, the motor drives the knife net, which rotates at high speed. Then the juice extractor pushes fruits and vegetables from the feeding port to the knife net. Then the sharp thorns of the knife net shred fruits and vegetables. Next, the juice extractor’s knife net rotating at high speed creates the centrifugal force; under the action of the centrifugal force, the pulp flies out of the knife net to the box; at Last, the juice passes through the knife net and flows into the juice cup. 


The Classification Of  The Juice Extractor :


1. High-speed centrifugal juice extractor

This is the most common type of juice extractor in the domestic market. Its working principle is that it drives the knife net, which rotates at high speed of several thousand revolutions per minute to crush the fruit. And the solid centrifugal force makes the juice spray into the juice cup; then, the pulp is thrown into the bucket. Different brands of high-speed centrifugal juice extractors also have material, power, and inlet size differences. The ones with considerable power and large inlet have higher efficiency and relatively louder noise. 

Advantages: You don’t need to cut the fruits a little; the juice extractor can fast juice. It only takes a few seconds to extract the juice from an apple or carrot; what’s more, the juice is clear. 

Disadvantages: It has high noise, and juice yield is average, and the squeezed pulp is wetter. It sounds a bit wasteful and is almost impossible to extract the juice from the leafy vegetables or exceptionally soft fruits. 


2. Low-speed squeeze juice extractor

Most people also love this kind. The working principle is to squeeze and grind the fruit by an internal screw rod, which rotates at a low speed of 80 revolutions per minute. The juice flows out through the filter and discharges the port’s pulp. 

Advantages: the juice extractor has low noise; it can produce high juice from squeezed crunchy last, the squeezed pulp is dry, and there is no waste; the more lovely thing is the juice yield of leafy vegetables. 

Disadvantages: People need to cut the fruit into small pieces. The pulp is filled in little to squeeze, which takes lots of time; the squeezed juice is thicker and mixed with fine pulp fibers. 


The Working Principle Of  The Juice Extractor:

 An internal screw rod rotates at a low speed of 80 revolutions per minute, which can squeeze and grind the fruit, and the juice flows out through the filter while it discharges the pulp from the port. 


The Structure Of  The Juice Extractor:

Main engine, blade, juice outlet, juice cup, bucket, top cover micro switch 


The Function Of  The Miniature Micro Switch In The Juice Extractor:

Firstly make sure the cup body rotates in place. To amplify the action stroke, The micro switch relies on the action of the reed. Then make a small operating distance into a more considerable operating distance, which ensures enough space for switch separation. Our company can produce the G6 series micro switch (miniature waterproof and dustproof micro switch), which can be used in juice extractors.  


G6 Series Miniature Micro Switch Features:

  1. Waterproof and dustproof (IP67) design
  2. Small size and tight structure
  3. Long life and high reliability
  4. Complete types of terminals
  5. Match various forms of operating handles
  6. Widely used in various automotive control, household and industrial control, and other fields


Unionwell is committed to the professional production and innovation of various micro switches. 

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