Micro Switches Applying In Dehumidifier

Micro Switches Applying In Dehumidifier

Micro Switches Applying In Dehumidifier


Most people know the dehumidifiers, also named dehumidification machines. But few people know how micro switches apply in a dehumidifier. Today, we will learn it.

The refrigerated dehumidifier belongs to minor refrigeration and air-conditioning family member. The dehumidifier’s global production areas are mainly Italy, Japan, China, Taiwan, Zhejiang, and Guangdong. China’s position in the global dehumidifier market is also becoming increasingly prominent. In particular, household dehumidifiers have always been export-oriented. Consumers have gradually recognized dehumidifiers with the continuous improvement of domestic living standards and increased health awareness.


Can use air conditioners in place of dehumidifiers

Many users will ask: “With the air conditioner, will the dehumidifier become redundant?” This is a misunderstanding of consumption.

The primary function of the air conditioner is cooling and heating. But The air conditioner with a dehumidification function can dehumidify. Still, the amount of dehumidification is small and slow. In the rainy season in the south, the temperature is low, and most of the time is below 20℃. At this time, the air conditioner dehumidifies and blows the cold wind. The colder the dehumidification, the more uncomfortable it feels.

In addition, because the air conditioner is fixed and only dehumidifies in a small area. More importantly, when the machine humidifies the air conditioner, it will increase the load several times. The operation mode consumes lots of power and damages the compressor, even shortening the machine’s life.

Therefore, People should not use air conditioners in place of dehumidifiers.


the air conditioner dehumidification principle

Its working principle is that the fan draws humid air into the machine and passes through the heat exchanger. At this time, the water molecules in the air condense into water droplets, then the machine discharges out of the treated dry air. This cycle keeps the indoor humidity at a suitable level. Relative humidity.


How to install the dehumidifier

Place the household dehumidifier in a place where the air is ventilated. Avoid placing it in blind spots, causing short circuits in the airflow and failing to achieve the desired dehumidification effect. People should place the dehumidifier on a firm flat floor, avoiding vibration and noise, avoiding direct sunlight or heating appliances.


How to use the dehumidifier

Before operating the dehumidifier, close the doors and windows, which prevents humid external air from entering the room and affecting the dehumidification effect. If there is no need to use it, try to reduce the number of opening and closing doors and windows.

2. Because people frequently move the dehumidifier, refrigerant leakage is more likely to occur. When the compressor runs, but the temperature of the outlet air and the return air are the same, we should stop the machine and repair it as soon as possible to avoid wasting energy.


How to maintain the dehumidifier

Clean the air filter at least once every two weeks, and it is best to do a regular inspection every six months to a year. When not in use for a long time, pour out all the water in the water collection tank, remove the dust from the filter, and place it in a place not exposed to sunlight and well ventilated. Never put the dehumidifier on its side or upside down during storage to avoid damage to the compressor.

Generally, a conventional dehumidifier comprises micro switches, a compressor, a heat exchanger, a fan, a water container, a casing, and a controller.

The function of the micro switches in the dehumidifier is to act as a safety device. When the dehumidifier works, the water produced will usually flow into the water tank, and the water level rises (there is a floating ball inside the water tank). At this time, the signal is sent to the computer motherboard, and the compressor and fan stop working (that is to say, the dehumidifier stops the dehumidification function and will not produce water into the water tank), so the water in the water tank will not flow out due to excessive.

People also develop the dehumidifier for harsh and humid environments. It can effectively improve the humid life and production environment, reach the ideal state, and remove the mold brought by the humid environment. The dehumidifier can remove the damp water and suspended particles; the air becomes dry. It is also an air purifier. People widely use household dehumidifiers and industrial dehumidifiers in all aspects of production and life. Create a comfortable, dry, and quiet modern living space for users.

People also mainly use dehumidification machines for dust removal and dehumidification in offices, archives, reference rooms, libraries, and other places. Dust removal and dehumidification of computer rooms and laboratories, and dehumidification of swimming pools. Storage of electronic devices, meters, semiconductors, optical instruments, precision machinery, scientific articles, department stores, Chinese medicinal materials, and bank ticket warehouses or other space products that require dehumidification, dry storage of raw materials, food, chemicals, aquatic products, agricultural and sideline products, printing, and medicinal materials Drying, dehumidification or storage of raw materials, semi-finished products, and finished products in industries such as wood, furniture, paper, polyester fiber, etc. Hospital: Dust removal and dehumidification in CT department, pharmacy, warehouse, pharmacy, archives, and other places. The company’s factory warehouse, production workshop dust removal and dehumidification, damp-prone to mold, spotted hemp and cotton,woven-silk finished products, semi-finished products, storage of paper, storage of Chinese patent medicines and western medicines, electronic products, dry storage of raw materials.

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