Micro Switch Work Life

Micro Switch Work Life

Micro Switch Work Life

It is critical for micro switch reliability. You have to ensure how many cycles or mechanical life of the micro switch you need. Different micro switch has different contact materials, pedestal, and terminal, which can meet verified mechanical life requirements. 

A reliable micro switch can practice 10 million to 20 million cycles before it can not work. Moreover, it can operate 50 thousand to 100 thousand cycles before it is invalid.

Regarding the prices for the different quality micro switches, you have to consider the total cost. Because you should not only pay for the micro switch cost and ensure it works properly for a long time. A more reliable micro switch will often balance the low-quality micro switch with warranty time.  

Above micro switch G10 series products service life :

Electrical Life : 10,000/ cycles 

Mechanical Life : 1,000,000/cycles 

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