Micro Switch Terminologies

Micro Switch Terminologies

VDC: direct current, V (volt) is the sign of voltage, and DC is direct current. The voltage used by the insulation meter is direct current. 

VAC: alternating current. AC stands for alternating current. The voltage used by the pressure meter is AC. 

Non-contact terminals: non-contact conductors. 

Non-current-carrying parts: non-conductive bodies such as plastic shells. 

GF: operating force unit (gram force) 

A: The unit of MA current, (ampere) (milliampere) Normally closed: The end of the switch that is tightly closed (contracted) with the expected end in the released state is called the customarily closed end (NC end). 

Ordinarily open: The end of the switch that is separated from the expected end (not in contact) in the released state is called the ordinarily open end (NO end).   

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