Micro Switch Snap Action Used In Dishwasher

Micro Switch Snap Action Used In Dishwasher


Dishwashers are equipment; people use the dishwasher to automatically clean dishes, such as bowls, chopsticks, plates, plates, knives, forks, etc. The construction of the dishwasher has a micro switch. The microcontroller is a contact mechanism with a small contact interval and a quick-action mechanism that uses a specified stroke and a specified force to switch actions.


Dishwasher & Micro Switch Structure

According to the structure, they can be divided into two categories: box type and conveyor type. The dishwasher reduces labor intensity, improves work efficiency, and improves cleanliness; it can also minimize hygiene for cooking personnel in restaurants, hotels, and institutional canteens. Now, mini dishwashers are already on the market; the dishwashers are gradually entering ordinary households.

Because the contact distance of the switch is relatively small, a kind of switch is called a micro switch, also called a sensitive switch. The requirements of dishwashers for micro switches are compact structure, lightweight, high repeatability, and durability; the micro switch is covered by a casing and has a drive rod outside. The dishwasher has a compact structure and a high degree of automation, so the sensitivity of the micro switch is very high.

Greetech micro switch has many features. Such as compact structure, beautiful appearance, small contact gap, fast action, high sensitivity, slight movement stroke characteristics, long life, complete terminal types, wide action range, multiple temperature levels, and various booms certified by many countries. Micro switches meet the requirements of environmental protection substances, and product quality and safety are guaranteed. The microswitches are widely used in dishwashers, water heaters, ice makers, lawn trimmers, vacuum cleaners, microwave ovens, food processors, etc.


The Dishwashers Classification 

The classification of dishwashers is named differently from different angles, and the following categories are common:

L1. According to purpose-divided into commercial dishwashers and household dishwashers;

l2. Folding according to the structure-household dishwashers are divided into desktop and cabinet types;

l3. Folding is divided into electromechanical control and electronic control according to the control mode;

l4. Folding is divided into freestyle and embedded according to the installation method;

l5. Folding according to washing method-can be divided into spray type, vortex type, etc.;

l6. According to the transmission method, Folding can be divided into uncovering type, blue transmission type, oblique insertion type, and mesh belt flat type.


The Dishwasher Working Principle

Automatic dishwasher: the dishwasher uses high-temperature and high-pressure water flows to wash the surface of the tableware at 360° mechanically, and the detergent decomposes the oil and residue on the surface of the dinnerware, and the hot water soaks and swells the food residue, making the oil and residue quickly deteriorate And shedding, and achieve the dual effect of cleaning and sterilization.

Ultrasonic dishwashers use the principle of ultrasonic cleaning. When ultrasonic waves pass through a liquid medium, they will vibrate at a very high frequency, which causes the liquid molecules to produce positive and negative shock waves. When the sound intensity reaches a specific value, tiny cavitation bubbles grow sharply in the liquid. At last, close instantaneously. The process creates strong micro explosions and shock waves that destroy the dirt on the object’s surface to be cleaned and fall off the surface cleaned. Though each cavitation bubble’s effect is insignificant, hundreds of millions of cavitation bubbles act every second, which has a good cleaning effect. Because ultrasonic waves can penetrate solid materials to vibrate the entire liquid medium and generate cavitation bubbles, this cleaning method does not have dead spots that cannot be cleaned. The industry has proven that ultrasonic cleaning has high cleanliness.


Dishwasher Features 

  1. Save time and effort. Using a dishwasher to wash dishes can significantly reduce tedious manual labor. Just put the tableware to be washed in the dishwasher, turn on the faucet, and press the button to do other things confidently. No one is waiting during the washing process, and the operation can be completed automatically.
  2. Strong decontamination ability and thorough disinfection. The dishwasher is usually used to wash the dishes. Washing with hot water at 60°C multiple times can remove the residue and greasy on the surface of the tableware. It can also kill common viruses and bacteria such as hepatitis B and E. coli, which benefit human health.
  3. There are various programs to choose from standard washing, vigorous washing, and rinsing. 3. Easy to operate. The washing has a high degree of automation. Firstly, the tableware is put into the dishwasher, then select a gear. The dishwasher will complete the specified functions, such as washing, rinsing, disinfection, and drying within the set time.
  4. Save electricity and water. The power consumption of the dishwasher is about 0.15KW.h for each dishwashing, and the water consumption is only 10L than washing dishes with running water. Suppose you wash the dishes twice a day. In that case, the water and electricity costs are only 0.2 yuan, which is a low cost for ordinary families. Can bear.
  5. One machine with multiple uses. In addition to washing dishes, the dishwasher can also wash vegetables, fruits, etc., and can also be used as a disinfection cabinet


Precautions Items

  1. The dishwasher has a special detergent. To ensure the cleanliness of the dishes after washing, please do not use other detergents (such as detergent, etc.) to replace them when washing the dishes.
  2. People must place the dishwasher on a horizontal, stable surface. Pay attention not to place heavy objects in the dishwasher for a long time.
  3. Ensure the smooth flow of the water supply and drainage pipes.
  4. Clean the dishwasher’s filter regularly (about ten days is recommended).
  5. Ensure that sufficient water pressure can be obtained when the dishwasher is working.
  6. Before cleaning the used tableware, we should clean up the food residues to prevent the filter from being blocked.
  7. It is enough to control the temperature at about 60 degrees. Excessive temperature does not help the washing effect and deforms some tableware with poor temperature resistance.
  8. If a dishwasher is not used for a long time, clean the inside and outside of the dishwasher thoroughly, then dry it in the shade before storing it.


Best Dishwasher Micro Switch From Unionwell Micro Switch Manufacturer

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