Micro Switch Inside Icemaker 

Micro Switch Inside Icemaker 

Micro Switch Inside Icemaker 

The ice maker micro switch in the refrigerator is helpful in the dispensing of ice and water. This icemaker micro switch controls the on/off function of your refrigerator’s ice/water dispenser. If you notice that your refrigerator is not dispensing ice or water properly, you may need to replace the ice maker switch. This part is made of black plastic, with two metal terminals. 


Refrigerator ice maker working principles

Though the ice maker can vary from model to model, they operate on similar principles. So it’s necessary to learn how the refrigerator ice maker typically works! Now let’s begin!

First, open the water pump switch. The pump sends water to a collection sump and pours it over the chilled ice tray. As the water flows over the tray, the water gradually freezes, building up ice cubes in the well of the tray. When you freeze water layer by layer, it forms clear ice.

When the ice cubes fill the bin, the highest ice cubes will block the beam, and then this action will then send a signal that stops ice making; we have made enough ice cubes.

To archive perfect ice-making, the temperature in the refrigerator should be zero degrees Fahrenheit or lower. In the ice maker, the refrigerator parts only begin to work at zero degrees Fahrenheit or lower. The ice maker runs the gear motor to turn a rake or twist the tray to eject any frozen cubes into a storage bin. At the end of this cycle, the ice maker will run the water pump and send water through a hose and fill tube to refill the ice maker tray. Usually, the home’s water pressure is between 20 and 120 pounds per square inch for the value to work correctly. The little ice will be dispensed through the chute when the ice dispenser lever is depressed.

At least the cycle continues until the ice tubes fill all bins to block a beam in the ice maker, which will automatically turn switches off the Ice maker.


Where is the icemaker micro switch, and how do you replace it?

The icemaker micro switch is a dispenser micro switch that is part of the icemaker assembly on refrigerators. You will need to pry the dispenser from the door using a putty knife or a small flathead screwdriver. The dispenser will pop out. On the back of the dispenser housing, you will see the switch. The switch is held to the housing by one screw and the wires. You will need to disconnect the wires and then remove the screw. Then reverse the steps to install the new switch. Always remember to unplug the appliance before starting the repair.


Replace a micro switch for the ice maker

The dispenser micro-switch detects if the icemaker is in the correct position. The replacement of this part is very easy and takes anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes to complete. A screwdriver will be needed for this process. The dispenser micro switch may need to be replaced if the ice maker is no longer dispensing ice through the chute. It is also possible that the water dispenser will not stop dispensing water. Issues with the dispenser micro switch may be intermittent initially, and it’s crucial to replace the part before matters worsen. 

Maybe you need the video to replace the ice maker switch in your refrigerator:


Replace a refrigerator ice maker

Sometimes you need the following steps to replace an ice maker, though the ice maker will have some differences due to the various models and manufacturers.


1. Unplug the fridge’s power cord.

You may need to eliminate one or more fridge freezer drawer assemblies and containers to get to the ice maker on the bottom freezer versions.

Some larger refrigerator models may need you to uninstall a top panel to access the ice maker.

 2. Removing an ice maker cover. 

Some designs might call for an ice auger electric motor to be uninstalled before you can access the ice manufacturer.

3. Unthread any screws securing the ice maker to the liner. 

For various other models, you can remove a lower screw and loosen the top screws on which the ice maker installing brace is sustained.

If suitable, raise the old ice maker off the upper screws, then disconnect the wire harness to get rid of the setting up. For some versions, you will need to separate a thermal fuse before eliminating the ice maker.

4. Before installing the new ice maker, you might need to move a mounting bracket, a complete mug, the ice degree arm, or a cord harness from the old assembly to the new one.

5. Returning to the fridge freezer area, connect the cable harness, and secure the thermal fuse.

Line up the ice tray or fill the mug with the fill tube. As you place the new Ice maker, place a brace on the upper screws or, if needed, glide the assembly into the housing and break it right into the area.

If suitable, tighten the upper screws, change the lower screw, or rethread all the installing screws.

Reinstall the ice auger electric motor setting up or change any covers.

Realign the ice container on the rails and also slide directly back. You may need to revolve the ice auger to seat the drive couple and place the bin completely.

If called for, reinstall the upper panel or the freezer drawer settings.

6. Connect the refrigerator’s power cable back in and verify the ice manufacturer is functioning correctly.


Need a replacement for the LG ice maker switch. You can refer to the LG office website article.


Since ice makers will vary depending on the refrigerator model, it’s essential to identify the exact ice maker that works with your refrigerator. And find the suitable micro switch for the ice maker from the Unionwell micro switch factory.


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