Micro Switch In Microwave Oven

Micro Switch In Microwave Oven

Micro Switch In Microwave Oven 

Microswitches are widely used, especially in the field of home appliances. Among them, the reference to the microwave oven is to add a micro switch to the oven door for micro burns caused by misoperation or negligence. 

A basic micro switch is an essential member of the microswitch family for its wide application. It is commonly found in household appliances and electrical tools. That is why it is called a “basic switch.” For instance, the refrigerator, power tools, ice maker, air-conditioner, etc.


The Basic Switch For Intelligent Control

All these appliances or equipment can be the primary switch for intelligent control. For the sake of outstanding potential market share, many electronic component manufacturers take it as a new business opportunity and devote themselves to researching and manufacturing this kind of switch.  

Because users often worry about electromagnetic wave leakage and radiation when buying microwave ovens. However, microwave radiation does not have hazards such as X-rays and gamma rays, and microwaves are produced and manufactured under strict radiation control. However, the manufacturer added a micro switch in the oven door to protect it.  


Unionwell: A Professional Micro Switch Manufacturer

Unionwell has been dedicated to developing and manufacturing electronic switches since its establishment in 2014. More than ten years of micro switch experience enables us to produce high-quality electrical switches for our clients worldwide. Simultaneously, research and development are spent on new patent electrical switches research and development. 

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As a well-known manufacturer of microswitches in the industry, unionwell has established good cooperative relations with many household appliances and automotive electronics manufacturers. 

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