Micro Switch In Elevators

Micro Switch In Elevators

Micro Switch In Elevators

Usually, we will have elevators in major shopping malls, hotels, buildings, etc., and they are everywhere in our daily life to bring convenience. 

What is the connect micro switch in elevatorson between the elevator and the micro switch? 

Today we will talk about the relationship between elevators and micro switches. When we take the elevator, press the corresponding floor. The elevator reaches the specified floor in a few seconds; there will be a corresponding induction device to decelerate the brake instruction. 

The micro switch also has the corresponding action when the brake instruction operates. It will signal the system that the average open is closed and the normal close is disconnected. That means the brakes are good and working. Otherwise, the system has the corresponding program to be started, such as alarm, standby brake, etc. 

Unionwell is a professional factory devoted to research, developing, and producing various micro switches, waterproof switches, limit switches, pressure switches, etc. 

There is a significant basic limit switch, which can be used in the elevator. This product with good quality has some advantages. Housing is made of high-temperature bakelite. High sensitive differential travel. Precise operation repeatability. Long mechanical life. Good products must be noticed. 

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