Micro Switch In Dish-Washing Machine


Micro Switch In Dish-Washing Machine

Micro Switch In Dish-Washing Machine

Microswitch enjoys a wide application in dish-washing machines. These microswitches are fixed inside to control” start and off” and other operation orders. Intelligent control is happening because of micro switch terminal connections. G91 series micro switch is now used for dish-washing machines. This dustproof mini switch features a small compact size, long life, and high reliability. It can be equipped with various terminals and levers for different designs of dish-washing machines.     

With technology further developed, people’s requirements for new technology products rise, and people need a high-quality micro switch. However, how to select an excellent micro switch?


Select an excellent micro switch

Before choosing a proper micro switch, we must have a general understanding of its design, dimension, and size. The size difference of the microswitch will cause electrical rating or voltage endurance to differ from each other. 

If the microswitch can not bear a large current, it will break out easily. If the microswitch size is more significant, the capability to endure current is better, and vice versa. So it is understood that selecting an excellent micro switch is essential for electronic products or equipment. 

Besides, we have to select micro switch proper parameters, especially the electrical rating. It is easily injured or wounded if the electrical rating of the microswitch is not selected right. What’s more, we need to consider the microswitch working environment seriously. 


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