Micro Switch For Automotive

Micro Switch For Automotive


This is a kind of switch specially designed for automotive application, that is, the G307 series two pole slide switch. Unlike other switches, this switch is equipped with two poles and designed for automobiles. This switch will be widely applied in new clean energy cars and the bus in the future. Below is the specific drawing of the slide switch. 

Application: Car, Air conditioner, Communication, Toys, Electric Toothbrush, Motor Control, etc. 



-Designed For Water and Dust Tight (IP67) 

-Small Compact Size 

-Long Life and High Reliability 

-Variety of levers 

-Wide Range of writing Terminals 

-Global Safety Approvals 

-Widely used in Automotive Electronics, Appliance and Industrial Control, etc. 

-Customized Designs    

As seen from its construction, this slide switch is sealed to ensure it can be waterproof for automatic control. 


Unionwell: A Professional Microswitch China Manufacturer

Unionwell dedicates to designing reliable and high-quality micro switches for automobile control systems. We have started a close cooperation relationship with world-famous automobile brands. Hundreds of millions of microswitches are manufactured by handmade automotive machines to meet the clients’ rapidly increasing requirements. 

A slide switch is one of Unionwell’s most competitive products as we have more than ten years of OEM automotive switch experience. Compared with other suppliers or manufacturers, our products will be more reliable and stable in performance and functions. 

Unionwell is leading a slide switch manufacturer in China. All our products can be customized based on customers’ requirements. 

Unionwell focuses on various micro switch production such as G3 series, G5 series, G6 series, and G9 series and manufacturing Limit switches, mechanical keyboard switches, detection switches, etc., and taking the leading role in the automotive switches industry, home appliance, and industry control, etc. 


Welcome to visit our website and get more details about our company information and products details: https://www.unionwellswitch.com/ and https://www.unionwellswitch.com/product/basic-micro-switch-spdt-100gf/


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