Micro Switch For Automobile Control

Micro Switch For Automobile Control

Micro Switch For Automobile Control


As an indispensable component of the automobile, micro switch, to some extent, decide automobile control, whatever in a car window, gear controls, louvre control, etc.  

Its compact and small size doesn’t mean unimportance. By contrast, it dramatically affects intelligent vehicle control and automatic functions. The automobile has become an essential transportation tool for nowadays life. It makes people’s life easier, more importantly, significantly saves the time & energy moving from one location to another, making it possible for everyone to move out in a short time.  


Microswitch applications Ranges

Microswitch applications can be specified in the different control areas, such as car window control, gear controls, louvre control, etc. Usually, the application of micro switch in an automobile requires waterproof or dustproof, which gives a high standard on the strict requirement on micro switch production. Micro switch G3, G5W, G6, and G10 series are developed for auto control, with high quality but reasonable price. 


Unionwell: A Professional Micro Switch Manufacturer

Unionwell is a professional micro switch supplier, manufacturer, and factory, focusing on new clean energy electronic component research and development. And we take a micro switch for charging guns as a strategic product for the next decade. More and more clients have started to inquire about this model micro switch and its specification and applications. 

Unionwell, a professional miniature micro switch supplier, is mainly dedicated to manufacturing all series and automobile switches. 

We want to answer your questions at any time. Besides, you can log in to our official website: https://www.unionwellswitch.com/ for more options, or email us at this address: marketing@unionwellswitch.com.

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