Micro Switch Details For Use

Micro Switch Details For Use

Micro Switch Details For Use

Be sure to pay attention to the relevant details while using the micro switch so that it is safe to use.

1, During the work of the microswitch, please do not set the operating body to the switch’s operating limit position to avoid the impact of the opening and closing and over-travel caused by the impact and shorten the service life of the switch. And the action body of the microswitch in the free state should not directly apply force to the button. Applying force in the vertical direction to the button of the switch during use will cause damage to the switch.


 2. For the application of the microswitch in a harsh and humid environment, the sealed microswitch of the temperature range must be selected, and the waterproof level of the microswitch must also reach IP6. Otherwise, the moisture in the humid air will quickly cause it. The components of the switch are damp, which will affect the switch’s performance.


3. Changing the internal component geometry, clamping method, contact size, etc., of the microswitch will also change the pressure distribution and contact mode at the contact surface. In general, micro-switches will also lead to performance against micro-movement damage. Therefore, it is generally not required for particular circumstances; please do not disturb the internal component structure of the switch.

 4. When selecting a micro switch, please consider whether the size, load requirements, working environment, and reliability of the switch meet the equipment requirements; otherwise, the micro switch is randomly used and whether the required rated power is low voltage application. Questions such as whether the switch needs to be sealed, etc., are all situations that easily cause the switch to malfunction. 


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