Micro Switch Control Fire Extinguishing System

Micro Switch Control Fire Extinguishing System

Micro Switch Control Fire Extinguishing System

When starting a new building, hotel, shopping centre, commercial flats, school, hospital, etc., a fire extinguishing system must be implemented as there is always a fire risk in a building or house. When a fire occurs, the extinguishing system detects the fire. It sends the signal to the microswitch to cut off the power to the heating elements and spray water.   


Microswitch Application For Fire Extinguishing System

Use an electronic or magnetic starter motor relay box when utilizing a micro switch to control the shutdown of electric systems. Individual appliances have a higher Amp rating than the Amp rating of a micro switch. Relaying the appliances through a starter box allows the amperage to adjust the switches. Connect the designated on/off control terminals on the starter motor box to the normally closed (NC) microswitch terminals using a low-voltage cable.  

The micro-switch automatically controls the fire extinguishing system to cut off the electricity when needed. This is what micro switch intelligent control for this system. Also, it is predicted that micro switch will be further applied in more control system areas. 


Unionwell: A professional micro switch supplier

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