Micro Switch Application In Microwave Oven

Micro Switch Application In Microwave Oven

The Microwave Oven Classification

Unionwell micro switch application widely in a microwave oven. The microwave oven can be divided into microwave heating and BBQ types according to function, mechanical and microcomputer types according to to control types.

Micro Switch Application In Microwave Oven

The Microwave Oven Working Principle

Its working principle is as follows: the control circuit adds AC220V voltage to the primary of the high-voltage transformer according to the firepower set by the user, and its secondary output is 3v ~ 4v and 1800V ~ 2230V, two groups of AC voltage. 3V ~ 4V AC voltage supplies power to magnetron filament directly, 1800V ~ 2230V AC voltage is changed into 3600V ~ 4500V negative DC voltage after high voltage capacitor and high voltage diode double voltage rectifier filter and added to magnetron cathode.

When the magnetron has filament voltage, and the voltage difference between the anode (ground) and cathode is more than 3500V, it generates a 2450MHz UHF electromagnetic wave, i. e., microwave, which rapidly vibrates the molecules of protein, lipid, carbohydrate, and water in food, they collide, squeeze, rub and rearrange. In short, the microwave oven relies on the internal friction of food to generate heat for cooking.


The Microwave Oven Magnetron Emission

Magnetron emission of microwave intensity (power) and cathode and anode voltage difference and emission time is proportional. The factory uses the high-voltage output value of a high-voltage transformer to design the rated output power of the microwave.

Users set the Unionwell G5 series micro switch pushing button to change the control circuit to a high-voltage transformer AC220V power supply time, thus controlling the cooking of the actual output power of the microwave oven. The control circuit always supplies the primary power to the high-voltage transformer at the highest power level. The magnetron continuously emits microwave when the output power is the maximum, intermittent power supply to high-voltage transformer. The magnetron intermittently launches the microwave, and the microwave oven’s average output power will be lower than the maximum power.


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