Micro Switch And Water Heater

Gas Water Heater Air Pressure Switch Application

Micro Switch And Water Heater

Micro Switch And Water Heater

Our customers often apply microswitches in automotive electronics, home appliances, and industrial fields as widely applicated switches. The following is the role of micro-switches in water heaters collected by unionwell. 


The micro switch knowledge

1. The principle of the microswitch is to use water pressure to push the microswitch to turn on when you turn on the water heater. The micro switch controls the work of the water heater control board to make the solenoid valve open and ignite. (Automatically open the circuit when there is water pressure. The circuit is automatically closed when there is no water pressure) 

2. If you short the microswitch, the water heater will not be controlled, and your water heater will work all the time (the solenoid valve is always open)  

3. The micro switch must be used to control the water heater. It cannot be short-circuited. Suppose the solenoid valve is kept open when you are not using the water heater. In that case, natural gas will be released and cause danger. 


Unionwell: A supplier and manufacturer of the micro switch

Unionwell is a supplier and manufacturer of the limit switch with more than ten years of micro switch experience. Realizing the importance of limit switch to industry development, we take it as an essential product and contribute a lot to make it work better. In the recent, we have developed a new model limit switch. Unionwell is committed to producing various high-quality micro switches for the market. 

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