Micro Switch And Dehumidifier

Micro Switch and Dehumidifier

Micro Switch And Dehumidifier

The working principle of the dehumidifier is to suck the humid air into the machine through the fan, condense the water in the air into water droplets through the heat exchange system, and then discharge the treated dry air out of the machine to reduce the relative humidity through the air circulation. In the high humidity environment, the dehumidification effect is better, the low energy consumption and high-cost performance.

Micro Switch And Dehumidifier

The micro switch in the dehumidifier is usually installed near the water tank. Its function is to shut the unit down when the tank is full. When the dehumidifier usually works, the generated water will flow into the water tank, and the water level rises (there is a floating ball inside the water tank). The floating ball rises and touches the micro switch to close it. 

At this time, the signal is sent to the computer central board compressor, and the fan stops working (That means the dehumidifier stops the dehumidification function and does not generate water into the water tank. Therefore, the water in the protection tank does not flow out due to excessive. 

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