Micro Switch 5A 24VDC For Electric Screwdriver


Micro Switch 5A 24VDC For Electric Screwdriver

Micro Switch 5A 24VDC For Electric Screwdriver


An electric screwdriver needs one unionwell G5 micro switch 5A 24VDC. When you pull the speed control trigger, a micro switch inside the tool’s casing conducts electricity from the power battery to the motor. You complete the circuit every time you pull the trigger, allowing power to flow through the screwdriver.

Unionwell G5’s basic micro switch supplier offers customized microswitch projects for screwdriver manufacturing. Call our team today to discuss your product microswitch application or visit our website.


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Choosing An Electric Screwdriver Needs Four Key Steps.

One is the frequency of use. Suppose you want to use it all day. A corded screwdriver is the best choice, but if you need it two or three hours a day, you will prefer to purchase the cordless screwdriver. Pay attention to the screwdriver’s efficiency, especially if it needs to be used intensively.

The second point is the tightening torque, depending on your application object. If you drill a hole with the screwdriver, A high tightening torque, an electric cord screwdriver, is appreciated because a high tightening torque means a strong screwing force. Even in hard material, the higher the tightening torque, the easier screwing will be.

The third point is the power supply. The tightening torque is directly linked to the power of the screwdriver. For mains-powered corded electric screwdrivers, that power depends directly on the motor’s power. This varies between 450 and 705 watts. If an external transformer powers the electric screwdriver, the higher the supply voltage, the more influential the screwdriver will be. 

For cordless electric screwdrivers, the power is linked to the battery voltage. This can go from 3.6 volts (V) to 18V for the most powerful ones. For cordless electric screwdrivers, a high voltage allows extended battery life and avoids recharging the batteries too often. Specific electric screwdrivers are impacted electric screwdrivers used for intensive screwing/unscrewing.

The fourth point is rotation speed. It is essential, especially if you need to use your electric screwdriver regularly: corded electric screwdrivers generally have a higher rotation speed than cordless ones. Generally, electric screwdrivers only have one rotation speed. For corded electric screwdrivers, this is between 3,000 and 6,000 rpm (rotations per minute), and for cordless electric screwdrivers, between 180 and 450 pm. For impact electric screwdrivers, the speed is indicated in counts per minute: between 3,000 and 50,000 cps/min.


Why Choose Electric Screwdriver Micro Switch Accessories From Unionwell China Micro Switch Manufacturer?


First, Strong Unionwell Micro Switch Manufacturing And R&D

Huizhou Unionwell Sensing & Control Electronics Co., Ltd has specialized in manufacturing miniature micro switches. In 2021, Unionwell acquired Huizhou Greetech Electronics Co., Ltd, which became Unionwell micro switch China manufacturing factory with over 20 producing experiences. Unionwell has 500 employees to provide our service based on factories in China. Annual output has reached 260 million pieces of the microswitch.

Moreover, Unionwell has set up another new factory at Huizhou Industrial Transfer Industrial Park, Longmen County, Huizhou City, Guangdong Province. The Longmen factory is under construction now and plans to run generally in 2022. After producing at the Longmen factory, Unionwell will increase the production ability to five times the original by procurement and introducing automation equipment.

We have a complete product testing system, which can finish all kinds of our switch testing items and help customers implement special testing projects.

After years of development, the company has formed a one-stop R & D production system for product research and development, precision molds, precision injection molding, precision stamping, automation equipment research and development, automated assembly of finished products, and testing. 

We always believe that a complete system is the foundation of a company’s success. An excellent team guarantees the company’s success, and continuous attention and resolution of customers’ problems is the key to the company’s success. 


Second, Precision Micro Switch Series And Professional Service Team 24-hour Online.

Unionwell serves all customers with various micro switches, such as MicroswitchBasic micro switchesWaterproof switchesRotary switchesLimit switchesSlide-SwitchPressure switchesKeyboard switches, Door Detector switches, etc.

Our clients include domestic public corporations, such as Joyoung, H&T, Topband, Newcapec, Routon, Haier, Season, Treyo, and overseas famous brand corporations such as Whirlpool Siemens, Electrolux, Panasonic, Eaton, Emerson, etc.

Our professional Unionwell staff continuously focuses on product development and technological innovation and actively introduces high-reliability products to the market. 


Third, Offer OEM&ODM Solutions.

Unionwell micro switch has kinds of types. Such as micro switches, miniature micro switches, waterproof micro switches, automotive micro switches, microwave micro switches, etc. Our micro switch can produce customized for customers’ current applications, especially for an electric screwdriver in this article. Our G5 basic micro switch offers customized service, a 5A 24VDC microswitch. It depends on the actual application.

For more information on micro switch 5A 24VDC, contact our Unionwell team today to discuss your product microswitch application.

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