Mechanical Precautions Of Micro Switch

Mechanical Precautions Of Micro Switch

Mechanical Precautions Of Micro Switch

Here are some mechanical precautions of the micro switch as below. The setting of the micro switch operating travel and operating force will affect the reliability of the micro switch. It must be used within the appropriate operating force range and operating travel to improve reliability. Special attention is required when installing the micro switch, 

1. When using a normally closed (NC) contact, the operating part setting must ensure that the lever can return to the free position. Also, when using a normally open (NO) contact, install it at 70 to 100% of the over travel (OT) rating. 

2. When the travel is set near the operating position (OP) and the release position (RP), the contact force is unstable, high reliability cannot be guaranteed, and malfunction due to vibration and shock is likely to occur.   

3. When the travel set is above the total travel position (TTP), the lever and the switch may be damaged due to the inertial force of the operating part, and the stress applied to the internal movable spring may also become large, resulting in shortening the life of the micro switch. 

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