Mechanical Keyboard Switch Advantages

Mechanical Keyboard Switch Advantages

Mechanical Keyboard Switch Advantages


There is a switch inside all electronic equipment as is known to all. For the control system, it is called a key switch. Many people know it is the main switch but do not know their working principles and characteristics. 

The key switch is used to control the machine or equipment. It will be in the original position without a pushing button. But once it is operated, it will transfer into a second state. And if the external force is moved, it will recover to its original state. Keyswitch serves as advanced electronic equipment; it shows some characteristics in functions. It can be applied in the 30~70 degrees category. 


High-temperature Resistance Microswitch

Generally, if the temperature is over 70 degrees, the circuit will automatically cut off to ensure human safety is well protected. With muscular voltage endurance, it can stand AV250V each minute. Insulation resistance can reach even more than 100MΩ. Electrical rating and contact resistance must reach the national testing standard, and the mechanical life is more than 100 thousand cycles. The key switch has advantages, so you have to pay attention to the critical switch specification & dimension. 

Different model keyboard switches, their endurance capability verifies from each other. A high electrical rating key switch will control large machines and equipment. With science & technology development, the key switch is getting smaller and more reliable. It has already been widely used in high-grade or private automatic equipment. 


The keyboard switch has become an indispensable electronic component in people’s life. 

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