Limit Switch,Proximity Switch And Micro Switch

Limit Switch,Proximity Switch And Micro Switch

Limit switch: the limit switch is an electric control device that switches the circuit according to the moving parts. It is used to control the movement direction, stroke size, or position protection of the moving parts. Suppose the limit switch is installed in the working machinery of all terminals, limiting its journey. 

In that case, it will be a travel switch or terminal switch, so the trip switch, limit switch, and terminal switch are the same. They are widely used in various machine tools and lifting machinery to control the travel of these machines. 

When the working machine moves to a specific predetermined position, the stroke switch converts the mechanical signal into an electrical signal through the action of the mechanical movable part to realize the machine’s electrical control. 

Proximity switch: proximity switch is a non-contact monitoring device that signals when a moving object is close to it within a certain distance. Microswitch: the microswitch can be directly driven by an operating force to achieve the conversion of the circuit. It also has instant action and small travel.

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