Keyboard Micro Switch In Computer

Keyboard Micro Switch In Computer

Keyboard Micro Switch In Computer

When we come to the information age, the computer has become an indispensable tool in people’s communication. The relation maintenance between friends cannot be without a computer; the business development has to use a computer, the system to operate a company requires computer…etc. As science & technology move on, computer experiences a revolution age, mainly the functions, whatever their dimension or thickness.

In the beginning, the computer’s size is just like a house. With the joint efforts of decades, the computer is getting small, and then the desk computer has been innovated. The computer started as an official tool and is widely applied in people’s lives and work. While the appearance of a notebook completely changes people’s work style and makes official work easier. 

As the electronic component for a computer to input, the keyboard switch is also experiencing a revolution. A keyboard switch is a switch used inside the keyboard for input. It is so tiny, but the internal structure is complicated. Unlike the computer keyboard switch, the notebook keyboard switch is slimmer and lighter than other switches. With a compact structure and short travel (1.6mm) keyboard switch, the notebook is also getting slim, which makes the notebook more convenient for people to carry. 

Unionwell is a keyboard switch manufacturer dedicated to designing and manufacturing high-quality keyboard switches. We pursue technology innovation and spend a lot of time and energy on the ultra-slim keyboard switches developing.

Moreover, we have started cooperating with the leading notebook brand and manufacturers domestically and overseas. The ultra slim keyboard switch makes the super slim notebook possible. And the newly-developed notebook has become a shining point of sales, and people have well received them. When people are on the way to meet clients by car, when people chat with friends in a coffee shop, and when people are on the freight, they can use super slim notebooks for essential office work or finish business information communication. 

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