How To Select Micro Switch For Office Equipment

How To Select Micro Switch For Office Equipment

How To Select Micro Switch For Office Equipment

The appearance of office equipment and application significantly improve our work efficiency and save time. In recent years, the concept of a low-carbon office is a new trend and fashion for people, so the manufacturers have adopted new technology and made lots of efforts to improve work efficiency. 

The micro switches or snap action switches and electronic components are an indispensable part of office equipment. 

Why? Many people are confused about why this snap-action switch matters much. It is not difficult to explain, and the snap action switch controls office equipment operation and “off and on” and provides the most direct product experience. We want to specify how to select micro or snap action switches for office equipment. 

First, mechanical life should range from 500 thousand to 1 million cycles to meet office equipment special requirements. 

Second, it requires little force to push the switch with good touch sensitivity. 

Third, the micro switch must be environmentally-friendly and reach RoHS standard and low-carbon requirements. 

Fourth, the internal structure of the microswitch must be adequately equipped to avoid the microswitch being out of order. 

Fifth, the material selection should be severe for micro switch levers and springs. The bronze levers and springs will extend micro switch life. It is more reliable than steel materials. 

Sixth, the proof functions of micro switch and snap action switch. It is better to select a sealed micro switch with waterproof and dustproof functions, so getting rusty in a unique environment won’t be easy. These are steps to correctly decide office equipment’s micro and snap action switch selection. 

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