How To Extend The Service Life Of Micro Switch

How To Extend The Service Life Of Micro Switch

How To Extend The Service Life Of Micro Switch

First, You should be paid great attention to the micro switch store environment. It is not suggested to keep the micro switch in high temperature or high humidity to prevent the terminals from oxidising. It should be protected with the package and keep it under dried areas. 

Second, reliable quality spring and button of the switch should be selected as good materials spring lever such as copper can make micro switch work longer than expected and even extend micro switch life. 

Third, you need to add a slim cover for the micro switch and a middle cover meeting the requirements of springs with a diameter of less than 5mm, which increases the sealed area of proof and improves the waterproof and dustproof functions. 

Unionwell is a professional micro switch supplier, manufacturer and factory focusing on new clean energy electronic component research and development. And we take a micro switch for charging guns as a strategic product for the next decade. 

More and more clients have started to inquire about this model micro switch about its specification and applications. 

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