How To Do Wiring In Waterproof Micro Switch

How To Do Wiring In Waterproof Micro Switch

How To Do Wiring In Waterproof Micro Switch


The waterproof micro switch is super slim and petite. Its importance, however, should be paid great attention to. The micro switch is tiny, but it dramatically affects our daily lives. Such as computer mice, automotive electronics, communications equipment, military products, testing equipment, gas water heater, gas stoves, small appliances, microwave ovens, medical equipment, building automation, electrical tools, general electrical and radio equipment, 24 hours timers, etc.


Today, we will discuss how to do the wiring to the microswitch.

Generally, the micro switch has three terminals. One is a common terminal, an open terminal, and the other is a closed terminal. The common point is like the neutral line in the socket. Usually, the open terminal opens the switch, the terminal when the current flows and the closed point disconnects the current through the contact. Put the wiring to the corresponding position, and it will work well. 


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