How To Distinguish Micro Switch Quality

How To Distinguish Micro Switch Quality

How To Distinguish Micro Switch Quality


The micro switch is used widely in circuits to protect the control system. Because of this function, we can see its application in various electrical devices or systems. It is also an essential part of high-tech electronic products. We have to thoughtfully select micro switch as electronic products manufacturers, which is indispensable to electronics. So, how can we distinguish micro switch quality, and how can we judge its mechanical life? 


At present, the mechanical life of microswitches in the market varies. Consumers can choose the proper microswitch according to their budget. The micro switch cycles range from 30 thousand to 10 million. The difference between its cycle life is excellent for the different quality springs used.  


Generally, the springs in the international market are bronze and stainless metal wires. However, the spring used in the well-known brand micro switch is made from metallic c titanium. So the customers can judge micro switch cycles or life by the materials used in springs. There is a lever outside the micro switch, a petite compact size. This microswitch comprises five factors: switch casing, button, pedestal, terminal, and resistors will also affect its life.


The quality of the microswitch is also affected by the microswitch manufacturing and inspection process. Therefore, it matters significantly to select reliable microswitch manufacturers and factories. 

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