How To Control Micro Switch Consuming

How To Control Micro Switch Consuming

How To Control Micro Switch Consuming

The technical design of the micro switch is to control the consumption and extend its mechanical life. Its consumption includes the hurt to the case of micro switch and the internal structure because of mechanical cycling.So we have to find a way to control the micro switch consumption. 

First, strengthening the case’s toughness is the primary approach to slow down micro switch consumption. Various technologies can be used to deal with its surface and the case structure, such as the toughness of technology by physical way to increase the case hardness, the chemical way of surface hardening technology such as nitriding and carburizing, the mechanical way of rolling pressure, etc. All these ways can be considered to strengthen the hardness of the micro switch. 

Second, the change to the structure’s design can also curb the micro switch consumption. For instance, we can change the geometric construction of the micro switch, terminal dimension, and the clamping method. These methods are also good ways to reduce micro switch consumption. All micro switches have limited mechanical life, 100 thousand cycles, 500 thousand cycles, 1 million cycles, and even 10 million cycles. However, this mechanical life is only based on testing or estimates. The habit of using micro switch also affects micro switch consumption and life. A proper way of using a micro switch will make it last longer and vice versa. 

It is well-known that Unionwell focuses on a micro or snap action switch manufacturing. However, the mechanical life of a micro switch depends on many factors, the habit of using a micro switch, the materials to make the micro switch, and the micro switch design. We as manufacturers have to consider these factors when we are producing seriously. 

Unionwell dedicates to producing the whole series of micro switches, waterproof micro switches, mechanical keyboard switches, pressure switches, etc. We prioritize clients’ requirements; all micro switches can be customized for specific applications if there is a proper quantity. 

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