How Does The Micro Switch Control Water Heater

How Does The Micro Switch Control Water Heater

When the water pressure reaches a certain level, the diaphragm inside will open the microswitch through the drive shaft. 

How Does The Micro Switch Control Water Heater

The micro switch will signal the pulse ignite to start the discharge and fire. Then the solenoid valve receives the signal, and the power is turned on to supply the gas and start to burn. 

Since some of the exhaust gas in the combustion chamber is not discharged after the gas water heater is operated, the forced discharge water heater also has a function of ‘post-cleaning.’ The fan continues to work for a while, a standard protection function. 

The gas water heater fan has been kept on the following occasions: 

1. Check if the set temperature is not suitable and if the water heater is always working. 

2. The controller output circuit is faulty and replaces the new product. 

3. The micro switch is not reset, but there will be a fire.

4. Sensor failure. It is recommended to find a professional to overhaul.   

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