How Does Micro Switch Control Electric Kettle

How Does Micro Switch Control Electric Kettle

How Does Micro Switch Control Electric Kettle

The water temperature rises when the electric kettle is energized to generate heat. After the water boils, the kettle automatically cuts off power to save energy. 


Electric heating principle & micro switch

The principle is straightforward. The electric heating tube of the electric kettle is connected in series with the Microswitch and connected to the AC220V power base. People usually install the electric heating tube at the bottom of the pot and our unionwell Microswitch at the upper end of the handle. Then they install a metal piece in front of the Microswitch. There is a square hole in front of the metal piece. The square hole leads to the inside of the pot. 

When the water vapour flows out of the square hole, the metal piece is deformed by heat, and the lever opens the Microswitch To achieve the purpose of automatic power off.   


Unionwell: Professional micro switch factory

Unionwell is a supplier and manufacturer of limit switches with more than ten years of micro switch experience. Realizing the importance of limit switch to industry development, we take it as an essential product and contribute a lot to make it work better. In the recent, we have developed a new model limit switch. The limit switch’s cover comprises high-temperature Bakelite. And it has high sensitive travel, precise operation repeatability, and prolonged mechanical life. And our customers widely apply it in machine tools, elevators, auto production lines, etc. As a professional micro switch supplier, 

Unionwell is committed to providing customers with high-quality micro switch products, including waterproof micro switches, ordinary micro switches, ultra-small micro switches, and other products. 

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