Gas Water Heater Air Pressure Switch Application

Gas Water Heater Air Pressure Switch Application

Gas Water Heater Air Pressure Switch Application

An atmospheric pressure switch is a breaker, also known as a wind stress circuit breaker. A switch that will instantly open up as long as the existing in the circuit goes beyond the rated existing.
The overload current can not make the electro-magnetic release act when the circuit is overwhelmed. However, it can make the burner produce a specific quantity of heat, which triggers the bimetal to warm up and bend, and also press the bar to disengage the hook from the lock and detach the main get in touch, reducing the power supply. When the circuit is short-circuited or badly strained, the short-circuit present surpasses the immediate journey establishing present value. The electro-magnetic trip unit produces adequate suction to bring in the armature and strike the bar, creating the hook to rotate upwards around the shaft seat and release the lock. Under the action of the response spring, the lock twists the three primary contacts and cuts off the power supply.

Gas Water Heater Air Pressure Switch Application


GPS100Series air stress switches created by Unionwell are specially created for the high-volume OEM market. Typical applications include central heating boilers, hot water heating systems, HVAC, and other commercial devices.


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Attach Micro Switch Wires Correctly!

The micro switch of the gas water heater is three wires, yet the igniter has two cords. How to connect it?

  1. Three-wire micro buttons are two wires linked to a DC24V power supply, and also the other is a signal line; two-wire micro switches are attached to a DC24V power supply positive line, and the other is a signal line. The two-wire circuit needs to be linked to the power supply with a lot to stream.
  2. The three-wire microswitch needs to be adjusted throughout maintenance, which is much more troublesome than the two-wire microswitch.
  3. The two-wire microswitch has a more considerable leakage current than the three-wire microswitch, and its anti-interference performance is not as good as the three-wire microswitch. Furthermore, the two-wire micro-switch can notice metal or non-metal micro-movement and is utilized for essential stroke control. It has the advantages of placing precision, high operating frequency, lengthy life span, hassle-free installment and modification, and it is suitable for harsh environments.

Two wires of the three-wire micro switch are connected to power, and one cord is the result. It is separated into NPN kind and PNP kind.


Micro Switch Feature

The role of the micro switch is to manage the ignition. When the water pressure reaches a particular level, the diaphragm inside will open the microswitch via the drive shaft.


Unionwell Micro Switch Manufacturing Services

The button could be customized set points and can be used to notice positive, unfavorable, or differential air pressure. A sensitive high, reliable breeze activity button is the main switching element. The breeze action button can give a high changing capacity of 16A 125/250VAC.


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