Five Notes For Operating The Micro Switch

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Five Notes For Operating The Micro Switch

Five Notes For Operating The Micro Switch


Note one  

There are many switches on the market today, and the specifications and functional characteristics of switches of different specifications are different. Therefore, in the choice of switches, do not randomly apply. If the selected switch is not suitable, the switch will be damaged.


Note two 

Do not touch the switch with wet hands during use, as this may cause an electric shock hazard. 


Note three 

The micro switch also needs to be used frequently. In the process of use, the operation speed of the switch button should not be too large. Otherwise, it is easy to damage the spring piece inside the switch and cause it to sag.  


Note four 

A non-related technician cannot replace the micro switch. Otherwise, it is easy to cause damage to the internal components of the switch. 


Note five 

During the installation process, be careful not to bend or break the end of each switch pin. This will cause abnormal contact between the pin and the switch line, which will affect the malfunction of the switch button.  


Unionwell: Dedicated to developing and manufacturing electronic switches since

Unionwell has been dedicated to developing and manufacturing electronic switches since its establishment. More than ten years of micro switch experience enables us to produce high-quality electrical switches for our clients worldwide. Simultaneously, research and development are spent on new patent electrical switches research and development. 


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Unionwell specializes in producing all kinds of basic micro switches, ultra-small micro switches, waterproof micro switches, and other products. The company has cooperated well with many home appliance manufacturers and the automotive electronics industry. 

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