Five Key Features Of Choosing Micro Switch

Five Key Features Of Choosing Micro Switch

Five Key Features Of Choosing Micro Switch


When selecting the right micro switch, the following five key features cannot be ignored: form factor, electrical requirements (voltage/current), reliability (mechanical/electrical life), environmental factors (hazardous environment, temperature range), and agency certification. 

Feature 1: Understanding the dimensions of the switch The size is essential when choosing a micro switch. Switch size is directly related to its current range, travel, and operating force. Although this tiny switch is suitable for detecting circuit conditions in a compact circuit breaker, it typically only breaks 0.1 to 3 amps (A) of current and has a short travel. 

Feature 2: Understanding electrical requirements Micro switches typically break current from 5mA/5VDC to 25A/250VAC. The micro switch product line offers a range of products from low energy to power load electrical for various applications. The rated current and voltage (AC or DC) are required when the micro switch is selected for the specific application. 

Feature 3: Consider environmental conditions. You need to choose a sealed switch with a wide operating temperature range for harsh environmental applications. At the same time, it is also important to note that the degree of protection of the switch should be at least IP67 to prevent liquid ingress. 

Feature 4: Defining the working life requirements Choosing switches that meet various international electrical requirements can help you simplify product design for different regions. Some major standard certifications include UL certification in the United States, cUL certification or CSA certification in Canada, ENEC certification in Europe, and CQC certification in China.  

Feature 5: Defining the working life requirements A highly reliable microswitch can operate 10 to 20 million times before mechanical failure and operate 50,000 to 100,000 times at maximum load before electrical failure. Different switches have different contact materials, housings, and terminals to meet different applications’ electrical and mechanical life requirements. 


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