Features And Application Of Waterproof Micro Switch

Features And Application Of Waterproof Micro Switch

Features And Application Of Waterproof Micro Switch

Compared with a standard micro switch, a waterproof micro switch possesses the feature of being waterproof. Being waterproof means that micro switches have a broader application in electronic industries. Waterproof micro switch fixed can protect the intelligent control systems from moisture and rain to make it work last longer.   

Most waterproof micro switches have the feature of being IP67 rated. It is widely applied in all kinds of machines and equipment for its irreplaceable role in control systems, such as washing machines, refrigerators, etc. 

There is one application we have to mention, which is a micro switch application for automobile control. It is one of the most critical applications for automobile control, such as in window control systems, gear control systems, sunroof control systems, etc. 

Unionwell has a different series micro switch, such as G3 series micro switch, G5W series, G9 series micro switch, etc.; all these micro switches can be waterproof. They are manufactured with stricter quality control than other electrical switches. 

These waterproof micro switches can be customized and manufactured for OEM customers if the quantity reaches the amount. We are a professional micro switch supplier, manufacturer, and factory dedicated to producing the best quality waterproof micro switches for clients worldwide. 

Welcome to contact us if you have relevant requirements. Our website is https://www.unionwellswitch.com/

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